December 9, 2014

Finals Survival Guide

Ok, quick freak out moment about the horror that is finals week. Moment over.

Let's all take the necessary precautions for this time of the school year. Pay close attention - these items may not guarantee you an A, but they will keep you looking and feeling your best while studying late or while filling in a bubble sheet on a desk smaller than your GiGi tote. 

1. Mr. Redenbacher is a great study buddy! If you're going to be working that pretty little head of yours for hours on end, you'll need sustenance. I love the pop up bowls because they're super convenient (a.k.a. one less dish to wash).

2. You may not get as much beauty sleep as you would like. To avoid the "I-studied-late-and-fell-asleep-on-my-textbooks" look, add some highlighter with your makeup for the day. May I suggest High Beam by Benefit? (If you're a Mary Kay customer...their highlighting pen works wonders! Take it from someone who knows, heehee.)

3. You'll want to be comfy while studying/taking your test/going to Starbucks for a triple shot. Adding a chunky knit scarf to your tee is a great staple for finals week (and any day really).

4. Another "wide awake" tool: Covergirl eyelights. If you're looking for a new mascara to try, I would highly suggest it. No joke, I felt like it literally made my eyes brighter. And adding a little bit of "Better Than Sex" by Benefit on top will really make your lashes pop.  

5. I feel more productive when my desk supplies are cute. Maybe that's just me, but you can't deny that these Kate Spade pencils are adorable. Stocking stuffer?

6. Tazo lattes are the best thing ever. It's a latte in 2 and a half minutes. 30 seconds to add some milk and pour it in your anthro mug, and then 2 minutes to heat up. Voila! Yummy caffeine kick. (Pssst...try the vanilla caramel flavor!)

7. Peppermint is scientifically proven to help memorization and concentration. Try that hypothesis in a festive way with some mini candy canes!

8. These nag notes are life saving. I bought a pack before coming to campus, and now they're almost gone! (Guess I nag a lot?) Great study aids. I found mine at Barnes and Noble.

9. I saw this at Target the other night and it was basically the essence of this post. A spa mask for when you are able to get some shut-eye! Take any chance you get to pamper yourself - you deserve it.

Good luck to all of you! Don't stress, just keep swimming, give it 110%, and all that good stuff.



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