December 1, 2014

Hair: Problem Solved.

Literally giddy over how amazing my readers and friends are. Like I have said before, I am so happy that my blogging has connected me to so many amazing young ladies that share my passions. 

So I thought I'd share what two of my fellow fashionistas told me for my hair debacle. Thanks Katrina and Angela! 

For styling:

Both Katrina and Angela suggested getting a trim to promote healthy growth. As Angela pointed out, layers may hinder the growing out process, so a little snip seems to be my best bet.

For heat protectant:

Again, there was a unanimous vote for CHI heat protectant spray. Angela suggested Tresemme as a more cost friendly option. Definitely going to try it! 

For shine:

Katrina uses Biolage smooth serum for extra conditioning and shine. (She also says it smells divine!) Angela suggested trying an olive oil mask once a week. That definitely sounds manageable for this dorm room diva. 

If you're in the Fayetteville area, I have also gathered two recommendations for hair salons. Kat has heard great things about Crown Beauty Bar and my Ole Miss rep Anders suggested Tramps.

Have a great week everyone!



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  1. I swear by TRESemmé's hair protectant! It's happy on the wallet and works wonders for it's price. I've found with other hair protectant's, including Chi's, that my hair is left greasy and limp after completing my daily hair routine! I will never stop using it!

    Xo, Rach
    Seashells + Sparkles