December 14, 2014

First Semester on Campus

After my first semester of my freshman year of college...

Things I Wish I Knew 

There is no reason to psych yourself out about being in a new and scary place. In fact, take out that "scary" and replace it with "exciting". Yes, your mom isn't there and your dogs can't sleep at your feet every night, but college is a wonderful and new experience. 

You definitely don't need all of those shoes. And that bracelet that you kind of like and wore once with that shirt from JCrew? Yeah, you won't wear that either. 

It isn't a huge deal if you didn't ace that first exam. There's a lot of opportunities to pick yourself back up. 

Some people won't "grow up" or "change" and you can't make them. You can only adjust your attitude.

You don't have to be friends with the people who sit right next to you, are in your sorority, or went to your cousin's friend's high school. It's college - sure you could pick your friends in high school, but here they don't (and shouldn't) be carbon copies of yourself. Branch out, it's fun. 

The whole thing where teachers schedule tests all within the same week or same day... yeah that still happens in college. 

Things I've Learned

The name brand granola bars and the off brand taste exactly the same. Save yourself $2. 

You will meet so many people from so many different walks of life. It's crazy and different but also sort of beautiful.

This is your four years, your experience, your home. If something or someone is standing in the way of you being happy, feeling safe, exceeded academically you can change it. It's ok to walk away, say no, change your mind, and change your mind again. I think the saying goes "you do you". 

People can really suck, but some people are really real - give those people a fist bump when you can and be sure to compliment their outfits. 

It's ok to not be a party-goer. Friday nights are the best time to do laundry anyways, so who's really winning?

Drunk boys will come in the girls bathroom sometimes. Just point them in the right direction and go about your business. 

I really really really love coffee. 



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