August 5, 2015

What To Wear On Your Next Trip: Bloggers Take Boston Edition

Hello from Boston!

Our trip is going great! We have gone on three tours, seen one Blue Man Group show, had delicious flatbread pizza twice, and seen numerous historical sights. (Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions on food and things to see on Twitter & Instagram!) 

One of the best parts about being here is getting to meet up with Rachel from Seashells + Sparkles! (cue the "awwwws"). I have many blogging/instagram friends, but I have never gotten to meet any in person before - let alone sit down and have dinner with them!

For reference, the fashion/lifestyle blogging community is quite large. If you follow one blogger on Instagram, another three pop up on the "suggested" feature. You could sit all day and repeat this process until you're following enough bloggers to fill the seats at Fenway Park. So, yes, through my year or so of blogging, I have been virtually introduced to many fashion lovers and dorm room girls with designer taste. Rachel is one of them, and she's awesome!

Ok so on with the post. Rachel and I decided to collab and bring to you our perfect sightseeing outfits. Rachel lives in this area, so she's a pro at knowing just what tours to do and where you can find great historical landmarks. She also knows how to dress the part! As for me, I have learned to walk the walk these past couple of days. (Literally - SO much walking!)

First things first, you want to be comfortable. Comfortable shoes *and* weather-appropriate clothing.

Secondly, we can understand that you want to be comfortable but also Instagram-worthy at the same time. I definitely didn't want to stand outside Quincy Market Place in my sweatpants for a photo-op.

(apologies for the slightly-blurred photos - my camera's auto focus is out of whack! But how cool is the fact that we took pictures in one of Boston's victory gardens? There's only a few left!)

I recommend an outfit like mine or Rachel's as you sight-see and make memories. While our outfits are pretty different from each other's, they both carry all the necessary qualifications: comfy, stylish, and weather-friendly.

I'm wearing a Brandy-style dress I actually found on Boohoo a while back, and there are still a few colors and sizes left here. Dresses may not be your thing, but personally I love a breezy dress when it's warm out. The material of this one isn't heavy at all and I like the simplicity of the look. I added this chambray shirt I got from Forever 21 (similar linked here) around the waist for a trendy look, but I also can wear it as a jacket if it's a little chilly in any museums or restaurants.

Rachel is wearing the cutest top from JCrew and a pair of JCrew skinny jeans. Rachel says, "a loose, but chic top is ideal for sightseeing because it allows for maximum movement and the extra treats you want to eat along the way! If it's cooler out, I definitely suggest wearing a great pair of cropped jeans. I love this pair because they have a boyfriend look but are perfectly fitted!" 

I know both of us don't have sensible shoes on, but we were just going to dinner so we didn't need them to be super supportive. However, I'm gonna send you to Rachel's Instagram - scroll down a bit for a picture of her adorable Reeboks. Highly recommend! 

Getting to talk "blog" with Rachel was so much fun. We even swapped stories about school and family and stuff like that. Getting to hang out with Rach made me realize two things: 1) Rachel is AWESOME (big sis I never had/I wish I had her closet) and 2) I want to meet with more bloggers! Send me an email, tweet me, send me an owl - doesn't matter to me! I love traveling around the U.S. too, so if you'd ever like to collab, let me know! 

Have a great rest of your week, and be sure to visit Rachel's blog and socials :)



P.S. Any back to school post requests?!


  1. 1. LOL my jeans are BUSTING at the seems (insert laughing crying face here)
    2. I do not take cute actions photos (INSERT FACE AGAIN)

    had so much fun girlfrannnn!


  2. You two are adorable!! Hope you had a great trip darling!

    Always with love,
    Sadie Lee