August 24, 2015

How To: Get Ready Fast!

Wanna hear a sad story? I have a 7:30am class this year. RT if you cried.

It was either that or be in class until late afternoon, and since I tend to drive home Fridays for breaks, I need to be done with classes by noon. Sooooo... Today I got up at 6 for my first day of school.

Ok, just a little note: I like getting up early. (I go to bed early so it's not hard for me #grandma). So far, I've always scheduled my classes before noon. I get up at 6 and from then until 6:30 I work on blog stuff which, depending on the day, is either emails or putting finishing touches on a post. I only have a little bit of time, so whatever is a priority gets done in that window and the rest I do later on after class and homework are done. (Blogging even makes for a good, creative study break!) 

So I get ready (makeup, hair, breakfast) from 6:30-7. I feel like that's a lot to pack into 30 minutes, so I thought I'd share my secrets. Nothing is impossible, ladies! I hope this helps you out for your school year...

I do most of my getting ready the night before to really make good use of my time. So here's what I'll prep the night before:

Overnight oats 
I just started doing this and it's such a time saver! I got the idea from my roommate, Cole, who has her own blog with some fun recipes. Another healthy option if you're not a fan of oatmeal: cut up fruit for a smoothie and freeze it so all you have to do is hit blend.

Pick out outfit 
I'm super indecisive, so if I leave this for the morning, I could potentially miss all three of my classes. I lay things out the night before, so it takes 5 seconds in the morning.

Shower/do hair 
I normally shower at night or after the gym in the late afternoon. I'll let it air dry and then either leave it be or curl it with my favorite curling iron. 

Pack backpack
I mentioned on the Twitter chat that I participate in called #BloggerBlab (more info here!) that I have one notebook for my Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes and one for Tuesday/Thursday. I'll pack whichever one I need for the next day and throw in my agenda, something to write with, stuff for the gym, and my books.

Pack snacks 
When I have a break between classes, I usually need a snack. My favorite ones to pack are Quaker rice cake snacks and greek yogurt!

With that all done, here's all I have to do the morning of...

Heat up oats 
This takes 40 seconds and then maybe 5 minutes to eat. 10/10 recommend! 

Touch up hair 
If I curled it, I add a little wave where it's needed, usually only takes 5 minutes.

I do a very simple look. Concealer where it's needed, set it with some powder, and add mascara and eyeliner. Lately, I've been filling my brows in with blank from my Bobbi Brown palette. Takes 12 min - can you tell I timed it? Ha, ha :)

Hydrate and caffeinate 
I drink a big cup of water first thing when I wake up (usually as I do my makeup) and then I have some coffee with my breakfast. If you need to take your caffeine to go, I recommend this tumbler

Give the 30 min plan a try! Whether your a high schooler, in college, or simply looking for a simplified routine, it's great to cut down the time it takes you to get ready for the day!

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