August 22, 2015

10 Things To Know For The First Day of College

It's almost here, ya'll.

The night before my first day of college classes I wasn't really nervous, I just felt kind of lost. Lost in the sense that I had no idea where the business building was, but also lost like I had no idea what I was going to be learning or what I was going to be expected to be able to do.

School starts on Monday for me, so I thought I'd share 10 things that can help you that first day (especially if you're about to be a freshman). Maybe just knowing these 10 things will make that first day so much more enjoyable for you because I know getting up and going to class isn't the greatest thing ever. I'm here to help!

It's not weird to ask people where a building is or how to get to it.
On my campus, there are actually tables set up with some students sitting there that just direct you to where you need to go. I had three classes my first day all spread out across campus, so I definitely asked for directions - no shame!

People *do* get to class early in college
I thought maybe that wasn't the "cool" thing. Granted, I'm a nerd, so I did get there about 10-15 minutes early. However, I was surprised that the class was already half-way full by then. So especially for your first day, get there early.

At the end of class, walk up to your professor and introduce yourself.
Another thing that I thought was nerdy and uncool, but no! There was a line of kids at the front of the class after we were dismissed. So here's what you do: shake hands, make eye contact, tell them your first and last name and that you're excited to take their class.

Teachers *will* have cell phone/electronic policies
It's true that some teachers don't care and won't mind if you have your phone on your desk, but some will make it clear that they have a no-tolerance policy with cell phones. One of my professors my first semester didn't even allow laptops for note taking. The first day, make sure you place your cell phone out of sight and on silent just in case the teacher isn't a tech-lover.

It's not weird to introduce yourself to the people sitting next to you
In fact, DO IT. I think I've said this before on the blog, but getting to know the people in your class is crucial to succeeding. If you miss a day, who are you going to ask for notes? Little things like that make a huge difference. When it's an appropriate time to converse, just say, "Hey I'm Cristina, what's your name?" Except don't say "Cristina", say your name. Unless your name is Cristina, then that's pretty cool.

Everyone has their own style
Don't stress about what to wear on the first day. Wear what YOU want to wear. Finally, NO DRESS CODES! If you want to rock a tank top, go for it! I was never allowed to wear Nike shorts to school, so I love getting to go to class in those. Point is, some people come to class like they just got done with a photoshoot for Glamour and some come to class in their pajamas. Best thing is, no one really cares what everyone else is wearing. Just do you!

If the first class scares the living daylights out of you, you can drop if necessary (but always keep in mind, it's just the first day and things can get easier)
The last day to drop is usually a few days after the first class. Check online or call the appropriate number to see when the last day is to drop and keep that in mind. It usually says on the syllabus that the instructor gives out. Nothing is really set in stone that first day, so don't panic. I went to my first economics class and almost had a meltdown - my professor wasn't the best and the way the class was laid out just wasn't for me. I went back to my dorm, switched into another class, and ended up making an A. You can too!

Speaking of that, print out your syllabus before the actual class
Most professors will already have it available online for you at least the night before. Print it out and bring it to class. Not only does that show that you are prepared, but you aren't going into the lecture hall blind and scared out of your mind. You know what the class is like, the lesson plan, and any important dates.

Yes, the first week is syllabus week but it's very important that you actually go to class
The biggest myth is that you don't need to show up the first day. From experience, I can tell you that some professors jump right into notes and maybe even give a quiz over them at the next class! Even if the professor does just read of the syllabus the whole class, it's important to be there and learn about the course. Professors also notice who's there, and that could help you grade-wise in the end.

Don't freak out. Whatever you do, don't freak out.
The first day or few days can be overwhelming. There's either a lot of info thrown at you at once or the professor doesn't even know how to work the projector. Some classes seem hard right then but they end up being great, so don't ever jump to conclusions. Email your professor any questions you might have had during the first lecture about the course and just take a deep breath! Remember, new experiences should be fun, not stressful.

I hope you found this post helpful and that your first day of school is easy breezy.

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Thanks in advance and good luck on your first day of school!



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