August 31, 2015

New and Improved Cristina on Campus

Thanks to everyone who took my Cristina on Campus survey! It's still open if you haven't gotten a chance to give me your input on your favorite types of posts, when you like to see them, etc.

Cristina on Campus 2015-2016 survey

I thought I'd let you know a little a bit about what I found out through the survey, and how I plan on using that information for this blog. I won't go through all the questions, just the ones that directly effect the blog. I couldn't decide if I wanted to share the results or not, but you guys are my internet family. Though this is a huge part of my life/my main hobby, I do it to help and build a connection with you as well.

**Speaking of that, there's a suggestion box at the end of this post. If you think of anything you'd like to read, let me know. Fashion, health, lifestyle, you name it! 

Favorite types of posts to read 

The top pick was Lifestyle/DIY.  I absolutely love sharing posts like these because I think they are the most personal and I get to put a lot of my voice into them. Posts that fall into this category will definitely be on the blog each week, but if you have any specific requests, let me know!

This doesn't mean these are the only types of posts I'll do. I have a love for fashion, so you'll see some of that sometimes (hello fall style!) and health and fitness is also a huge part of my life that I love to share. 

I feel that a blogger I follow should post

There was a bit of a tie with the answer choices here, so in order to accommodate most preferences, I plan to post on Mondays and Thursdays every week and sometimes Saturday. By "sometimes", I mean there will be a post that Saturday if there is a collaboration or promotion I need to fulfill, something that can be helpful right then, or if I have so many ideas that I just need to get one out!

When do you have the most convenient time to read Cristina on Campus?
I asked this question so that I knew the best time of day to make my posts go live. Because most of you selected the evening and night answers, my posts will go live at 4pm CST. This way, you can read it right then if you have time, or you can read it after dinner and study timewhen you're chilling.

I like to hear about posts by...
I'll tell you now, Instagram won. However, I am a social media addict, so I will always post my blog links on several different platforms. This helps me to reach out to a broader audience, and that's exactly what I strive for since I love connecting with you all. I just wanted to make sure no one absolutely hated getting notified about blogs in one of the forms. I don't want any resemblance to spam mail :)

So again, you all are awesome for helping me out. I blog because I genuinely love it and there's nothing I'd rather do, but I also want my blog to be helpful. I want it to be your favorite place to come for tips, motivation, and anything bright and fun. Thanks for being a part of this.
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