August 1, 2015

Never Overpack Again

Tomorrow I am leaving for a father-daughter trip to Boston. We are looking forward to seeing some historical sights, eating along the harbor, and I'm pumped to get to collaborate with Rachel from Seashells and Sparkles while I'm there!

In the spirit of summer travel, today's post will be on packing tips.

It doesn't take me long at all to pack because of the way I do it, and my arm never feels like it's going to fall off while navigating around the airport. Also, once at my destination, I can find everything easily and efficiently. Ready to see how you can, too?

Write or type out a rough itinerary, so you can plan your outfits accordingly
-In my notebook, I write down what activities I'm doing that day and what the weather will be, so I know just what to wear

Lay out everything on your bed or floor first before putting it in your suitcase
-Once I decide what outfits I'm bringing, I arrange them on my floor *by day*. I also section off my pajamas, workout gear, and undergarments from my actual outfits.

Use plastic baggies
-Little things like accessories for my outfits I put in plastic baggies, so they have their space amongst my suitcase.

Use travel-sizes
-I got these cute little shampoos from Target and I think the small version of my face wash is from Walgreens. Having a cosmetic bag is also nice to put everything in. I also go through my makeup and make sure I'm not going to bring 10 lip colors - just pick one or two to save room!

Bring pieces that can be worn again
-My shorts and jeans go with a lot and can be worn a few times before they need to be washed, so I definitely pack those instead of several pairs of everything. I just got these jeans at the buy one/get one 50% sale at American Eagle.

Place your clothes "backwards" in your suitcase
-By this I mean put the clothes you will wear the first day on the top and the clothes you will wear the last day on the bottom. As you wear something and it's dirty (or you don't want to wear it again) either rotate it to go on the bottom of your suitcase or put it into a grocery bag as a makeshift hamper. 

Carry on-essentials

I use my camera bag as my carry-on bag. It has tons of space even with my camera in there, so this is no problem for me, but you could use any roomy bag you'd like.

-I love my baby lips because it is medicated for my chapped lips, but it looks like I'm wearing a cute lipstick.
-The Evian spray mist is my life saver! It really refreshes your skin after sitting on an airplane for a couple of hours, so it's a must-have. 
-I'm reading the sisterhood of the traveling pants, I've never actually read it but I bought it a while back.
-This little eos hand lotion is my favorite. Sometimes I just like to smell good or I have dry hands, and this is the perfect size for my carry-on.
-Of course I've got to have my headphones, and these stay in my ears better than Apple ones! 

Have a great rest of your weekend! If anyone has any must-sees in Boston, comment down below or talk to me on Twitter! (@cristina96x)




  1. These are all genius! I'm about to use all these tips while I pack for the beach :) <3 Lauren

    1. Thanks Lauren! I hope you enjoy your trip :)