August 8, 2015

Beat the Back-To-School Stress

Last night I had a weird nightmare. It was the day before school started, and I woke up to see that I was still at my parent's house. I had forgotten to drive back up to Fayetteville, Arkansas. All my friends were waiting for me there and sending me "where are you?" texts. I had been bustling around so much getting things for my town house and tying up loose ends that I forgot to go back to school

How did it end? Oh, in the dream I knew the president and he let me borrow his helicopter, so everything worked out ok.

 Maybe the stress doesn't get that intense for you, but still. I tweeted the other day that I had a massive to-do list before heading back to school and a few people shared my pain.

So can we stop the stress? After all, this is an exciting and fun time. Especially if it's your first time to go off to college! Though this will be my second, I'm pumped and giddy for new opportunities. So, amidst all the much needed and appreciated back to school essentials and freshman advice posts, I wanted to provide you with some tips for how to relax and enjoy this time.

1. When packing (or to get motivated to do so) play a movie or TV show on Netflix
-My dear friend texted me the other day that she needed to pack for the move, but she had been just sitting staring at her boxes for a good while. (Girl, we've all been there!) My advice to her - and now to you - is to put on a great chick flick that's at least an hour and fifteen minutes long and pack for the duration of the movie. Not only are you giving yourself a time window to get some damage done, but you're keeping yourself entertained while doing so!

2. Take shopping breaks for a coffee or a treat
-I can feel overwhelmed and anxious on a day where I'm spending 5+ hours walking up and down office supplies aisles and the confusing mess that is IKEA. In between stores, I like to treat myself to a drink at Starbucks (iced green tea lemonade please) or a nice lunch to get at least 30 minutes to chill. Always give yourself a chance to refuel.

3. Do something for yourself before AND after running your errands
-Sandwich your to-do list into a day that begins and ends with you relaxing or relieving your stress in whatever way you like best.I like to go to the gym in the morning to get a great workout in plus the added endorphins. Then, at night, I have some tea and watch some YouTube videos to unwind. (I usually have a BarkThin or two as well).

4. Get plenty of rest
-Not only is it a good idea to get back on a good sleep schedule, it's also beneficial for you to have more energy throughout the day for packing, shopping, or some last minute errands.

5. Bring a friend!
-I love to have a shopping buddy for moral support/a good time while getting all my things for back-to-school. Someone to chit chat and take funny snapchats with will really make your day feel less like a chore. I love to shop with my boyfriend, Cameron. Been hitting up Target several times a week since 2010. 

6. Place lunch dates as a priority over shopping for your shower caddy
-What I mean is, it's way more important that you have dinner with grandma/your BFF/your bae/your sister than getting through your to do list for that day. Buy school supplies or have dinner with your family? There's a school supplies store somewhere close when you get to campus; your family won't be.

7. Breathe in, breathe out
Whether you take this literally or not is up to you. Take moments to breathe. Physically breath. But also unplug, close your eyes, listen to music, watch the sunset, watch the sunrise, build a puzzle, take a walk, sip some tea....breathe.

 There is no need to stress over something as wonderful as new experiences.




  1. Love this. So much. - From, a high school junior spazzing out over how she can't seem to get her crap together after one week of school (LOL)
    Ruth S. |

    1. Thanks! Junior year is actually great in terms of you really start growing and finding your interests :) sometimes there's a lot of work, but it's nothing you can't get through! Have a great year, X!