August 19, 2015

Life Update ft. My New Home

Cristina is back on campus! Well, two minutes from campus to be exact.

Monday evening my dad, sister, and I arrived in Fayetteville after a nine hour drive from H-Town. (Sounds awful, but with Lizzie McGuire throwbacks and some coffee, it's bearable.)

To fill in any new readers, I go to the University of Arkansas (what's up sophomore year?!). I lived in a dorm last year and while that was good and fun, I have moved into a town home this year with two of my friends Megan and Cole. My boyfriend, Cameron, is just a few town houses away with our other two friends Cameron (yup, there's 2) and Zach.

Dorm life was great for the first year. I met Megan because she lived around the corner from my Cam. Later on in the year, we met Cole and just couldn't deny that we would be a great trio for living off campus. So here we are!

So here's what my life looks like and what Cristina on Campus will look like for the next few months:

Back in my natural habitat
So, I'm in love with my new room. All my life I wanted white bedroom furniture. I don't know what it was or who I saw have it when I was little, but I always felt like it was the furniture of a princess. It's just so elegant looking and it goes great with Tiffany blue, so I'm pretty pumped to have this new creative space. It's kind of nerdy but typing this at my crisp, white desk is a real pinch-me moment.

I can finally call Fayetteville, Arkansas my home. Last year, I was so nervous and scared about my first year away at college that I put myself in this awkward box. I wasn't comfortable enough to call that little dorm my home because frankly, dorms don't feel like home. Once I really allowed myself to look around and appreciate what was around me here, I finally felt like "ok, this is my home". I had to realize, like the quote says, that sometimes "a home isn't four walls. It's two eyes and a heartbeat". I have met amazing people here and I've even gotten to bring some from home with me, and that makes all the difference. So, if you're just going off to college, don't rush that "home" feeling. I'm still settling in.

So once again I will be a sophomore and I am taking 15 hours this semester. I'm a little nervous (because I'm a born worry-wart) because I just can't gauge at this point how hard my classes are going to be and what my professors will be like. This is the point where I have to stop myself - there's really no use worrying over something that hasn't happened yet. I have a "10 Things To Know Before The First Day of College" post going up this Saturday, and I'll address some helpful tips there.

Semester goals
-Keep my room and closet clean! It sounds lame, but things got a little messy last year (I blame it on the small space). I work so much better in an organized environment.
-Meet more people in my major. It's really nice to have friends like these because you are likely to be in the same classes and study buddies are always great to have. I'd like to be able to swap notes with something (literally).
-Get back to going to my favorite workout classes. If you haven't tried Turbokick, you need to.
-Do one fun thing each weekend. You're probably thinking, "well, duh!". I'm a workaholic and sometimes I don't schedule a break for myself to take a walk or go to the movies. For my sanity and social skills, I need to make sure I schedule some time to forget about school for a minute. With football season around the corner, I think I'll be set for a bit!
-Learn how to ride the bus. I mean I know how to sit on a seat, but I need to figure out where the bus stop even is :)

Blog goals
-Collab with and meet more bloggers! Soooo if you're a blogger in the United States reading this, send me an email! Especially Arkansas, Dallas, Houston, and anywhere on the east coast because I'm dying to go :)
-Set an efficient blog schedule. I'll be sending out a survey soon, so I can hear back from you on how I can make Cristina on Campus the best it can be. Part of that is when and how often I'll be posting. Stay tuned!
-Take more outfit photos. I have a camera. I have a cute city. I have no excuses. Let's do this.
**There are many more blog goals, but if I shared them all there would be no surprises!

Ok, as promised - a few pictures! I can do a full room/home tour soon if ya'll would like to see one! (Just leave me a comment down below or on my Instagram.) Also, click through the photos at the end to shop the room decor and we can be twins!

acrylic monogrammed pencil cup is from Mackenzie Horan's shop, Design Darling

had to display my Tiffany box!

bed, sheets, and Duvet are from Ikea (still need to hang some pictures and I'd love another throw pillow!)

Recognize my nail polish organizer from my "Goodbye Boring School Supplies" post?

desk is from Ikea as well/sticky notes and organizers from Target

Some more inspo for you....

Happy move-in!




  1. Yes full room tour! Love it!

    Always with love,
    Sadie Lee

    1. Thanks, Sadie! You should come visit ;)


  2. Your desk is so cute! I'm forever on the hunt for my "perfect" desk! You are taking 15 hours??? I'm stressing over my measly 12 hours! You go girl!


    1. Thanks so much! It was pretty inexpensive at Ikea, but I also saw that there are similar ones at Target by the "room essentials" brand. I took 15 hours my first semester and it wasn't bad. I only take 15 hours if I don't have any labs..that would be too much! Haha, good luck with school, girl :) X!