August 14, 2015

The #1 DIY For Your Room

Canvas quotes are fun and lantern lights are pretty sweet, but this DIY is practically a necessity. No matter what your age, favorite hobby, or color scheme is, this craft is unique to you and can even help you to succeed throughout your school year.

I started creating "inspiration collages" in middle school. In my Tiger Beat magazine, I lusted after Miley Cyrus' wavy locks and Joe Jonas' killer smile. So, after indulging in the latest teen celebrity gossip, I would cut up my magazine and make collages on my door or above my desk. I loved the way it brought decoration to my room as well as some inspiration anytime I saw it. 

I've grown up to be a college sophomore who loves a pink aesthetic and Carrie Bradshaw memes. I still stand by the importance of an inspiration board. It's a craft that costs less than $5, so naturally I'm all for it. If you like to scroll through Tumblr or Pinterest, why not have some of those pictures on display? Here's how you can make your own:

Determine a color scheme
You want your collage to be aesthetically pleasing. I decided that a bright mixture of pinks would look best with my room since I'm putting this collage at my desk. 

Treat yourself to a magazine or two
Don't just pick any magazine. If you like to draw your inspiration from fashion, get something like People StyleWatch or Glamour (like me!). Also, flip through the issue before buying it to see that you can find pictures in your determined color scheme.

Make a cup of tea
Umm, it just helps to get the creative juices flowing!
(P.S. Finally found the Friends "Central Perk" mug)

(check out my Quotes board on Pinterest)

Search for images on the web or print out some Instagram photos
I found some cute quotes I wanted to include from Pinterest and then I couldn't leave out some family pictures!

Determine what surface you'll put your inspiration collage on
I have a bulletin board up at school that I'm going to be pinning these to. If you're in the market for one, mine's from Walmart. You could also do something like a folder or a binder. This is your inspiration board, so it's up to you!

Secure your inspirations
When I used to make these on notebooks and folders, I used packaging tape to get them buckled down. Now it's 2015 and there's this thing called Modge Podge you may wanna check out ;) For my bulletin board, I'm using some clear push pins.

Wa-la! An inspiration board just for you! Maybe it's pictures of pizza or maybe it's snapshots from Fashion Week - whatever it is, work it.

Shop some of my top picks for decor to match your new DIY!



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