January 14, 2016

5 Shopping Hacks to Help Your Style

Oh my gosh is this a fashion post?! I think it is! 

I asked ya'll on Twitter you wanted to see in 2016 and aside from the occasional beauty post,you wanted some more fashion/outfit related posts. I'm happy to deliver!

Another resolution I've heard for 2016 is to improve personal style. For me, I love to do this by investing in staple pieces and really developing a style "palette" to stick to. Shopping for some updates to your closet can be overwhelming and a bit stressful, but I have some tips for you today that are sure to help you put your best foot forward in terms of your fashion!

Before shopping, use Pinterest as a research tool
I like to spend some time on Pinterest before I head out to the mall to give me some inspiration for what I'm looking for. If I recently got a new skirt in the mail that I need something to go with, I'll look up different ways to style it and save the pictures of the ones I like best to my phone. 

Set up a special savings account for clothing
I know it seems a little silly, but this trick really works. Let's say you set aside 15 dollars a month. In 3 months, you could buy a new pair of pumps for your sorority formal or a couple new tops for the next season. If the biggest thing holding you back from investing in a couple staples is inadequate funding, budget to be able to shop! 

Thanks to Phil for the Kate Spade gift card! I'm loving my new wallet. 

Keep a "Fashion directory"
Using a notebook or binder and pick your top 5 favorite places to shop. In your directory, write down when each store has their major sales such as a semi annual sale or an anniversary sale. You can even transfer this information to your phone calendar, so that you shop your favorite items when they are on sale and get the most of your money. Your closet will thank you!

You don't always need to get something new
Grow out of something? Get it tailored for a just a few dollars. Oil stains on your favorite handbag? Baby powder will take them right out. Get the shine back in your patent shoes with Windex. 

Get something that is made perfect for you
With the online shopping craze, we often find ourselves purchasing something from the comfort of our own homes, but being disappointed when it arrives and doesn't fit quite like we wanted it to. 

I have to gush for a second about eShakti. First off, the clothes on their site are cute and classic. But not only that, their customizable. 

I picked out a great, feminine skirt that I thought would be perfect for layering in the cold or for an afternoon meeting. I'm calling it my Blair Waldorf skirt, because well...you get the picture. I was able to make it my own by not only getting to pick my size, but how I wanted the length of the skirt to be, whether I wanted pockets or not, and how I wanted the waistband to look.

The options are endless, so 10/10 recommend if you need a Blair Waldorf outfit in your closet, too. 

This post was made possible by the sweet people at eShakti. All thoughts and opinions are my own!




  1. These are great, I love the special savings account idea! (I'm not in college anymore but let me tell you student loans are no joke)

  2. Great post Cristina! Looking fab in that dress!

    XO, Rachel

  3. These are great tips! I definitely have a shopping savings of sorts where I limit myself to purchasing one fashion item every month. Whenever I run across something I really, really, really want, I save the link in a shopping list, and my monthly splurges go off of that list. I've saved more money than I ever had in the past while not having to deprive myself of shopping. (;

  4. Such fun ideas! I am a shoaholic! lol. Pinterest is perfect for coming up with outfit inspiration.

  5. I like the idea of a separate savings account... :) :)

  6. I think these shopping tips are fabulous especially the ones about having a separate savings account and adjusting the clothes you already have. I cleaned and resoled a few pairs of boots and was AMAZED how new and gorgeous they looked!

  7. These shopping tips are amazing! I love the idea of setting up a savings account for clothing. I'm also loving that skirt you picked out, so cute!

  8. Great hacks! I love the idea of taking a couple of dollars out of each paycheck to budget for clothing, I'm definitely going to have to do that to keep from overspending!

    xoox, SS

    The Southern Stylista