April 18, 2015

Room Goals

If I have to take another shower with a huge spider, I'm gonna scream.

It is nearing the end of my time in the dorm and I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER.

Don't get me wrong, living in the dorms is a great experience and a great way to meet people! The dorms are how I know my two roommates for next year, and I couldn't be more thankful about that.

But I'm not a fan of not having a kitchen, showers with awful water pressure, and sharing a tiny room. Just saying.

I've started spending a lot of time on Pinterest figuring out how I want to decorate my room next year.

If I've learned anything this year, it's that your room can be your sanctuary - and that's not just for college students. Your room is where the most monumental Netflix binges will take place after hours and hours of studying. It's essential that it suits your personality and your interests.

I want my room to have a beachy feel because I don't know any place that makes me happier. But my idea of "beachy" isn't seashell decor and a sea foam green color scheme. I'm thinking more of some strand lights like the kind that you would find wrapped around the porch of a local surf and turf. Maybe some latern-like candle holders and simple vases, too!

I really want a colorful tapestry and/or a patterned throw blanket because I'll probably do a white bed spread again. Something to add color and a cozy feel will be more than welcome in my space. I wouldn't be opposed to a fun rug either, but we'll see because my room is going to be on the small side.

I'm going to have a long dresser, so that I can use the table-top part for makeup storage, a mirror, and some fun decor things.

My favorite places to shop for dorm room/apartment decor are listed below:


I hope you have as much fun shopping for your future space as I will! I can't wait to spend my summer crafting as well. Come fill my timeline with cute ideas by following me on Pinterest here. Happy pinning!



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