June 23, 2015

Summer and School

my agenda is going to good use

study break-manicure w/ Mom

So, this is a little rough. Working six hours straight on MyMathLabs and performing biology labs is definitely not as fun or relaxing as tanning or spending time on the lake. 

Thankfully, I've noticed I am not the only gal who decided to get ahead this summer. It fit my schedule better to take two classes over the summer rather than squeeze them in during the regular school year. So, here I am - knee deep in hand-made study guides. Maybe some of you reading this can relate or maybe you're thinking summer school might be in your future. Let me provide some insight: unfiltered. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Oh and I promise after this I will not blog about school or boring subjects again. They say write about what you know, and right now I know quadratic inequalities and the Calvin-Benson Cycle. 

1. Summer school helps you to become a marvelous multi-tasker
If you don't want to miss out on all the "fun" parts of summer, try your best to incorporate them into your homework and studying routine. Get some vitamin D and bring your notes outside for a bit. Avoid the pool shark - the water stains on my paper really messed with my brain.

2. Remind yourself every 20 minutes to keep your chill
This is the hardest thing for me. I am a perfectionist. I have to ace everything, I have to completely understand everything, I need to write in a perfectly straight line. It's ok if you don't get an A (or a B...or a C), it's ok if you only commit things to short-term memory. For me at least, I only have to pass these classes - they do not effect my GPA. On a scale of one to ten, give it an 8.5. Breathe. Take breaks. Laugh it off. 

3. Go to class
Wake up early and drink a large glass of water (bonus points for lemon!). Then, have some coffee or tea. Then, get your booty to class. Professors (especially those instructing in the summer) take notice of who shows up and who doesn't. As my college algebra teacher put it, "If I see you here, I know you're working, and I won't let you fail." Sounds good to me.

4. Treat your online class like a real class, because it is one
Set aside the time that you would for an in-class lesson. When you watch or listen to the lecture, take detailed and clear notes. 

5. Speaking of online classes, think twice before you take one
I can whole-heartedly, 100%, pinky promise, I will NEVER take an online class again. Online classes are regular classes dressed in a gown of pure evil. And at-home labs belong in a very deep, dark place. It's difficult to do things at home on your own without a teacher or fellow classmates to refer to. You can't ask the girl next to you, "Do you get this, because I don't get this?" You have to ask your dog. And that's just weird. I heard people say, "If you have a good work ethic, you can do an online class no problem!" I am the queen of good work ethic and I feel like I'm drowning :) Dramatic? A little. But it's better I warn you, right?

This is all I have for now. I still have two more weeks left (please pray they fly by!) 

Coming up soon on the blog: 

A big blog facelift (it's a biggie)
A sneak peek at some stuff for next year's TOWNHOUSE! 
Back to school clothes
aaaand a fun summer trip!

Summer students - hang in there! Breathe, take breaks, make flashcards, drink a lot of iced coffee. WE GOT THIS. 



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