July 1, 2015

July Goals

It's July! It's July! I am singing!

July means no more summer school (I'm done the 7th!), sunny days full of tanning, shopping for my town home, hanging with friends, blogging, and Cam finally comes home (on Saturday, ahh!!!!!!!!!) So yeah, I'm stoked. 

I have been SO incredibly busy that I haven't been able to do a lot this month. This ranged from seeing some of my friends and watching So You Think You Can Dance to getting a oil change and cleaning my closet. So July is the time to have fun and get stuff done! 

When I saw Rachel of Seashells + Sparkles blog post today with her "July Goals" link-up, it was a perfect sign I was meant to blog the list of goals I already had typed up in my phone. So here goes! Feel free to visit Rachel's blog, create your own July goals post, and link up. And if you're not much of a blogger, no problem - come chat with me on Twitter (@cristina96x) or add me on Google + here (the name's Cristina on Campus) and share your goals with me! We can keep each other accountable. xx

1. Extended gym sessions
I'm a proud gym rat. I love lifting, I love circuit training, and I love binge watching my favorite Youtubers while on the elliptical. This past month, I only had time to go for about 30-40 minutes, and I was always having to cut it short. I typically like to go for 45 minutes and have time to stretch, too. So July, the gym and I will reconnect. Can't wait!

2. More time in the sun
I have never been so pasty. This isn't just all vanity, I genuinely feel better when I've had sun. It's great for your immune system to take in those vitamins - with sunscreen of course. So, Texas, I'm going to need you to not flood again.

3. Hang out with everyone I've texted saying "we need to hang out"
Because what's better than sushi dates and workout buddies?

4. Cristina on Campus under construction
It's a surprise, but I think I'm going to do a bit of tweaking to the blog! Can't wait to get started.

5. Room shopping 
I'm so pumped. I found my bed and dresser at IKEA, so I just need to order those and then start shopping for bedspread and decor. My roomates and I also have fun visions for our kitchen and living room.

6. Sell and donate old stuff 
I guess I'm doing a late spring cleaning? I've got to sort out what I still wear from what hasn't been worn since 2012. It does a wonder for your closet and your soul.

7. Clean out computer
I can't wait to delete all my files from my online classes that I won't need in a couple days. My disk is getting full! Bye bye mitosis lectures and DNA replication outlines.

July, I am so happy you're here. I'm currently taking a break from studying for finals to write this, and I am excited to be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Have a happy and safe fourth of July, everyone! 

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