July 17, 2015

Will I Actually Wear This?

Not one summer goes by that I don't go to the mall at least 10 times.

 Sometimes it's nice to meet up with friends and walk around a cool, air conditioned building and get Starbucks and soft pretzels. If you're like me, then you most likely end up buying something because the $40 your Grandma gave you is burning a hole in your pocket. Sometimes, we get that buyer's remorse where we find ourselves buying yet another pair of shorts that we won't even be able to wear in a couple of months. 

To avoid this catastrophe, I'm providing some samples of pieces that you can buy this summer while on a trip to the mall, but still be able to wear in the upcoming fall season.

Simple pieces, like the shift dress linked above, can be worn all year long. When it gets cold, you can add a pair of tights and layer a jacket. No shame in buying one or two. You can dress it up or down with accessories of your choice based on the season.

There are so many cute tanks like this in stores right now, but I really do love this one from Versona. Come fall, add a solid cardigan over it for a great back to school outfit. 

Peasant tops like this one from American Eagle are great because they look good with jeans or shorts. Just trade in your cutoffs for a pair of comfy skinny jeans or get a little more adventurous/70s- inspired with a pair of flares. 

Similar to the shift dress, a t-shirt dress is equal parts comfy and versatile. This may be your backyard BBQ outfit now, but it can also be your fall gameday dress later. 

As long as weather allows, strappy sandals are perfect. I'm on the hunt for the perfect pair myself, and I'm loving the selection at Nordstrom Rack. 

Enjoy the guilt-less shopping this summer and have a soft pretzel for me! 



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