July 22, 2015

So You Want To Start A Blog...

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Today I'm giving you some quick tips for starting a blog. Since I started blogging, a few people have asked me how they could start their own blog.

Here are the main questions I get asked about how to start a blog and my answers for you.

Q: What's the best platform to use - Blogger or Wordpress?
A: This is a hard question for me to answer because I have never tried out Wordpress. Fun fact: I had a "blog" in middle school and I used Blogger back then, so I just went with what I knew. If you aren't doing a ".com" I find Blogger to be more user-friendly. Completely up to you!

Q: What should I name my blog?
A: Ask yourself a couple questions first:

-What is my blog about? Do I want my name to reflect that or just be more generic?
-Do I want my name somewhere in the title?

Also, don't copy someone else's name but just switch it around a little. Aside from wanting to be original, you don't want to take someone else's name because that is their brand. Also, it could be confusing for readers.

Q: Do I need to have a professional camera to blog?
A: No. A photography camera will take better quality photos, but you can always work your way up there. I wasn't sure how blogging would even go for me, so I stuck it out with my phone for several months before committing and getting a nice camera.

Q: What kind of camera do you use?
A: Nikon D3200

Q: How often should I blog?
A: To gain a following, it is better to blog frequently (like a couple times a week). The way I do it is at the beginning of the month, I plan content and schedule when the posts are going to go up. If I do posts that are mainly text and don't require a photo shoot, then I post three times a week. If I spend more time doing a blog photo shoot, I'll only post twice that week. Some bloggers post 5-6 times a week, so again - up to you!

Q: Should I have a separate Instagram/Twitter for my blog?
A: Once again, this is your call. If for privacy reasons, you would like to have separate social media accounts for your blog, then go for it. That could also help you keep things organized. However, if you want you can mix the two. Sometimes you post pictures of you and your friends at a football game and sometimes you post an #ootd pic. If people don't like that, then they just won't follow you and that's ok!

Q: How do I get people to read my blog?
A: Shamelessly self promote! Your great Aunt on Facebook would definitely click the link to your blog if you posted it as a status. A picture on Instagram announcing your latest post will get some attention. Use your social media platforms to let people know "hey I took pictures outside my house in this outfit while cars drove by and it was weird and awkward for me but I really have a passion for this, so if you would check out my blog that would be much appreciated".

Hope this helps answer some questions about blogging. If you have any more questions, feel free to email me at cristinaoncampus@gmail.com.



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