July 26, 2015

Lazy Sunday: What To Watch on Netflix

Hey guys! So I feel like my Monday/Wednesday/Friday blogging schedule is working well except I hate that Friday to Monday stretch; it feels like an eternity that I don't get to connect with you all. So I think over the weekend, I'll post something short and fun for you. Maybe a "Top 10 Things To Do When You're Bored" post or some of my recent pinnings on Pinterest

For this weekend, here's what to watch on Netflix (because I know you're in your pajamas and you aren't planning to leave the house, no judgement).

If you like to get lost in a series...
-If you haven't watched Gilmore Girls yet, YOU NEED TO. It's cute and witty and makes your heart feel as warm and fuzzy as your footie pajamas.

If you like to giggle causing you to spill your morning coffee...
-New Girl for sure! I have rewatched this series too many times. 4 weirdos sharing one loft apartment makes for a quotable comedy.

If you like game shows/reality TV...
-I recently binged watched Marriage Bootcamp: Bridezillas. I got sucked in so fast. There's drama, there's broken hearts, and there's housewives screaming at each other. So good.

If you like 21 min of fun...
-Young and Hungry was cute, funny, and easy to get through with two short seasons.

If you like ABC family movies...
-Then my two favorites are Beauty and the Briefcase or Revenge of The Bridesmaids! 

Enjoy your lazy Sunday!



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