July 24, 2015

How To Save A Fortune on Room/Dorm Decor

Decorating your new room or dorm is so fun and special, but if you're like me, you want your wallet to feel as happy about it as I do.

Naturally, you'll spend a good chunk of money on the big things like bedroom sets for a new home or the room and board payment for your dorm room, but all the decor and fixin's after that don't need to be expensive.

My first piece of advice is to visit inexpensive stores. You don't need to go to a fancy furniture shop to find cute pillows and throw blankets. My favorite places to visit for inexpensive room decor are listed below:


If you are a fan of online shopping, visit these sites. Designer styles up 70% off! Just keep your eye out for decor sales by subscribing to their emails:

Another tip is to visit Pinterest to search for dupes for your favorite pieces. I've pinned a few to my * board.

*that's what my roommates and I call ourselves because Malibu is the name of our townhouse property!

Try visiting the dollar sections at the shops listed above to find all the little things you may need. I got a few mason jars from Target the other day - each for a dollar! 

My last tip is to Do-It-Yourself. A piece of wall art from an art gallery can be expensive - a cute canvas is not! 

So far for my own room, I've gotten all the furniture (bed, dresser, side table, desk, chair) from IKEA. I also got my duvet and sheets there. For decor, I'm hitting up the stores I listed in my first tip. This is just a sneak peek of some of the things I picked up (all for under $20) when I went to TJ Maxx and Ross the other day. 

Have any room decor shopping tips? Post in the comments below or comment on my last Instagram pic. I'm "cristina96x"!



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