July 3, 2015

Healthy Eats For The Fourth

There's so much to celebrate on the Fourth of July, and today's Americans love to celebrate in three ways:

red, white, and blue themed outfits
lots of fireworks
and food! 

It is a holiday, so have 6 hotdogs and dessert if you want to! But, if you want to take every step to avoid a food baby in your American flag printed bikini or if you don't want to compromise all your hard work on your summer body, I have some delicious solutions. 

This was quite the impromptu post. I actually just made myself some lunch and it ended up having an air of a patriotic theme. I don't usually hop on a chair and take pictures of my food, but here we are. Feel free to tweak these however you and your guests would enjoy!

Summer berry salad:

On a bed of baby spinach, I added some blueberries and some chopped up strawberry. A sweet vinaigrette tastes great on top. You can add some quinoa or maybe some pecans for something more.

Rethinking Your Burger

These are vegan patties, but if that's not your thing, you could use turkey burgers or chicken sausage. Bun or no bun, they're delicious. It's a great thing to have at your barbecue for any vegetarians or vegans. 

Sparkling Ice Drinks

Add some of these to the cooler. If you don't drink soda or want something a little lighter on a hot day by the pool, these are perfect. I love the lemonade and tea flavors or the mango orange! 

Yasso Pops

A party is nothing without dessert and the best summer treat is something cool and on a stick. I am in love with these Yasso pops. These are frozen greek yogurt pops with natural ingredients and they are going to be your new favorite. There are tons of flavors to choose from such as strawberry and coffee chocolate chip. Grab some for your celebration! 

*Non of this was sponsored. I just really love food :)

Have a happy and safe fourth of July! 



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