July 12, 2015

365 Days of Blogging

It's my Blog-iversary!

To be honest, I had no idea waking up today that today was actually one year since I started my blog. I knew it was around the beginning of July, but I didn't know the exact date. I decided to start drafting a post for my one-year, so I scrolled down to my first post to see when this one should go up and - oh, it's today. So yay!!!

I want to do this post 3-6-5 style. I've had this blog for 365 days and I want to share my 3 favorite posts, 6 things I've learned, and 5 things I'm looking forward to.

*I just made up this format, so if you are a blogger and you would like to use this for your one year post, leave your blog URL in the comments, so I can read yours!

Let's do this:

3 Favorite posts:

-My very first post I did will always have a special place in my heart. I felt so silly standing outside my house and having my boyfriend take a close up picture of the shorts I got on sale, but if I hadn't gotten out there in the Texas heat and posed in front of an iPhone, this blog would not be here! The post is all about being "Sale Rack Savvy" and you can read it here.

-I made a Beyonce-inspired outfits post when I went to her concert, and I am still so proud of myself for that. I'm obsessed, and I'm glad I could turn that Queen Bey obsession into a fun post. Read it here!

-Recently, I did a post on how I cleared my acne, and it was one of my most viewed posts to date! It was definitely out of my comfort zone to post some "before" pictures of myself, but I was so happy with the feedback I got from some readers about how the tips helped them. In case you missed it, I have that post linked here.

6 Things I've learned:

-People will stare as you get your pictures taken. My dorm had a beautiful brick wall that was a perfect background for pictures, so I was always getting outfit photos out there. People would walk by and kind of stare and at first it made me pretty anxious, but then I just thought "maybe they'll think I'm famous or something". Haha, but really, my advice to other bloggers on this issue is just to embrace it. Pretend it's the paparazzi or something!

-It's not weird to have Internet friends. Blogging has introduced me to so many other wonderful ladies that live all around the U.S. and it's pretty dang cool. It's not weird to get connected with them. In fact, it's so fun and helpful. Sometimes I get confused on how to edit a picture in a certain format, and I can text one of my blogging friends for help. Also, collabs are super fun, and I'm blessed to have gotten to meet so many people that I can work with this way.

-Someone cares. I think that's a lot of people's worry when they start a blog - they are worried no one will care. Someone does, I promise you! It may just be your grandma at first (Hi, Grandma), but you will grow and your blog will grow and people will take notice. Your blog is for you, so don't stress over your follower count or anything. I'll never forget when my friend/roommate Megan ordered my Rocksbox. I was so excited to become a Rocksbox ItGirl, but I was terribly scared no one would actually use my discount code to order one. When Megan sent me a picture of hers, I almost cried. So moral of the story - someone always cares.

-There is no perfection in blogging. A lot goes into making these posts, but there's no need to stress over them being perfect. The best posts are the raw ones that sometimes don't even contain pictures.

-Finding a balance is hard, but when you do it can be really fun. There were times I got so overwhelmed will school and never blogged. That's ok, really. You should be a student/mom/soccer coach/nurse/whatever job or title you have *first*. If blogging isn't your job, then don't worry if you can't blog one day or something like that. It's been a year and I'm still finding a balance. That's ok! I want this to be a part of my life, so I make time for it, but I will always be a sophomore college student first. So be what you are - be yourself! 

-It all comes down to this: a blog is a place to keep your memories. You can definitely make it into something more by diving more into a fashion or lifestyle component. You can also be quite the influencer with it. But at the end of the day, you may be the only person that goes to look at your post 10 years from now, so just have fun with it and make your future self proud!

5 things I'm looking forward to:

(Don't worry I'm not going to type any more paragraphs! Sorry for the novel heehee.)

-Watching myself grow. I mean, look at my hair in the first post. That grew! :) I'm excited to see how I grow on the inside, too.

-Taking more pictures! I am finally out of the dorm life this coming year, so I will have some better places to take pictures for the blog.

-Making new connections. I've already met so many people through blogging, but I know there's even more to come. My goal for the rest of college is to attend at least one blogging conference so I can network and learn some more tricks of the trade.

-Learning new things. I am already starting to learn a little bit more on graphic design, and I'm hoping to really be able to bring more of a presence to my blog and social media.

-A NEW WEBSITE! Yes, Cristina on Campus is getting a nice face lift and I'm so excited! I'm going to have that all set up before I head back to school, and I can't wait to show you guys.


Thanks so much to everyone who reads these posts. I had wanted to blog for so many years, but I was so caught up worrying about who would read them and if people would even like them. All the people who texted and tweeted me at the beginning saying they liked my blog - THANK YOU! I probably would have gotten scared and shut it down if it weren't for the kind words of encouragement.

As of now, I have 190 posts and over 12,000 page views - that's incredible. You're incredible.

Also, thanks to my reps for being AMAZING! You all are so talented and trendy, and I just love working with you.

Here's to 365 more days of blogging!



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