July 7, 2015

Fun Summer Date Ideas + the perfect outfit!

I've posted some date ideas before but I wanted to do an updated summer edition! This post was inspired by ME FINALLY BEING DONE WITH SUMMER SCHOOL AND CAM BEING HOME FROM STUDY ABROAD! If you want to see some pictures from his trip, check out cameronthrelkeld.com and visit the photo gallery. 

To make this post a little different, I linked some outfits for you guys for each of these dates. These are pieces I have or have had my eye on, and I thought this would be a fun way to incorporate them. 

1. Pool Day
There's nothing better in the summer, especially here in Texas. I love my Cotton On bikini because it isn't one of those recipe-for-disaster suits that are always slipping down or coming untied - not to mention I love the style and colors.

2. A Home Cooked Meal
Cam and I did this last summer one day when we were bored. It was fun to go to the grocery store and pick out what we wanted and then to make it together. A cute and comfy tee will do just right.

3. Farmer's Market
Here in Texas, Cam and I have visited Atkinson Farms and picked up fresh fruit to make pie before and we had a lot of fun. In Arkansas, we visit the Fayetteville farmer's market and stop to buy flowers and pet the dogs from the animal shelter. Here I've found the perfect jumpsuit for the trip.

4. That reminds me... the animal shelter!
The animal shelters in your area most likely love volunteers. This is definitely an all-year-round date idea and it doesn't even have to be a date. I go with my roommates and friends during the year to walk the dogs and it's probably our favorite thing to do together! The dogs love it, too. Go get trained to be a dog walker at Fayetteville Animal Services if you're in the area. And if you're looking for a puppy or kitty- adopt don't shop :)

5. Drive-in movie
Popcorn? Check. Blankets? Check. Bug spray? Check. The perfect movie night tank? Check.

6. Netflix and takeout, Gilmore girls style
Chinese. Thai. Indian. Pizza. Sushi. Wings. Sometimes it's nice to just stop moving and stuff your face. You'll want to be comfy, so you'll probably need this.

Have some fun with your guy, gal, or pals this summer!



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