September 5, 2015

Full Room Tour!

Now that I've vacuumed and hung a few pictures up, it's time for a full room tour! The difference between this post and my "Life Update" where I shared a few peeks is that I'm going a bit more in depth with where everything is from and how I use it all.

My room has quickly become my favorite place in the house aside from my pantry (ha ha). Like I said before, I have always wanted all white bedroom furniture and to be able to decorate how I wanted and I finally have that freedom. I spend most hours in my room not because I'm antisocial but because I love it. Weird, I know.

So, I don't plan on showing you everything because on Monday I am planning on doing my first Periscope! If you haven't heard of this new-ish app, it's basically an app that allows you to live stream whatever you want. You could film yourself baking cookies, riding a roller coaster, or, if you're like me, doing a room tour and all your friends get to watch you live! That being said, add me so you can hear me awkwardly talk on camera! I'm @cristina96x.

Organizers are from Target/agenda (far left) agenda

an artsy shot of my inspo board: here's how i made it 

Shoutout to my roommate Megan for making this mug wall, we are so Pinterest-worthy. (If you haven't read Megan's blog you need to!) 

...and this gallery wall, you rock Megan (prints from Chicfetti)

God bless crafty roommates - the cutest sign for above our kitchen sink 

Cole refinished this coffee table for us, so in thanks you should check out her blog. Also, I think you really need this candle

I hope this post added a little pep and prep to your Saturday. See you Monday on Periscope! We can even chat on there so you can let me know if my pictures are crooked or if you have any questions about where things are from. Can't wait!



P.S. Broke my posting schedule to bring you this post since at 4pm I will be cheering on the hogs! (For some reason, I can't get my post scheduler to work.) If it's game day for you, have fun and good luck to your team!

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  1. Your room is adorable, I love your mug wall!
    xo, Syd