September 26, 2015

Re-decorate Your Room For Fall - For FREE

I'm so glad it's finally my favorite season. I love the weather, the leaves changing around campus, pumpkin-scented everything, and Cam and I's anniversary is in November! In fall, I feel like I turn into a different person - one who stays in their pajamas more and reads a lot of novels.

As I was getting ready to go to school, I realized my room had not gotten with the times. I had bright colors everywhere (I can't help it, Tiffany blue is my favorite). So, I had about 5 minutes and I didn't want to spend any money, so here's how I re-decorated for fall.

Change up your night stand
I'm no interior designer, but I feel like the night stand is a key focal point of the room. If you remember from my room tour (link), I had a couple bright books and lots of pink nail polish on it. So, I ditched the books for an Anthropologie catalog, added a decorative gold box, and only laid out fall colors of nail polishes.

Make your bed more cozy
I pulled out my trusty, plushy throw blanket that is a soft neutral color. (It literally looks like a baby blanket, but I'm ok with that) and I put that on my bed. I took off my bright blue pillow and just left the gold one. (Although, I've noticed they have some cute fall pillows at Target, so I'm going to need to be restrained the next time I go in.)

I already had a collection going on, so I just spread them out around my room for ambiance.

Festive work space
If you have a desk in your room, that should be your number one priority to fall-itize. (I know that's not a word, but let's roll with it.) A couple weeks ago I added a pumpkin - and yes, I put jewelry on it - so that really (pumpkin) spiced things up.

Wow, I'm so funny. Not. 

I took my bright sticky notes off my desk and I'm going to go look for some fall themed ones! I also wanted more fall color here so I placed my red photo album on my desk. (Fun fact: the photo album was my anniversary gift from last year. Cam (link website) had some of our friends write us notes for our 4 years and then he compiled them all with pictures!)

(Ok, so this was the only part that didn't take me 5 minutes. But it only took about 30 minutes when I got home from class!) 

Create Inspiration
So my inspiration board was feeling very summery, so I had to fix that. (Excuse to buy a magazine). I filed away the bright peonies and sunglass pictures, and added these. Feeling very fall.

It's the little things
For example, I had a bright pink hat hanging out my door, so I switched it out for a floppy sunhat!

Show me how you re-decorate for fall by tagging your pictures with #falloncampus and tag me (I'm cristina96x on Twitter and Instagram)

Happy weekending!



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  1. Love the inspo board!!! I have been dying to make one!

    Always with love,
    Sadie Lee