November 23, 2015

Let's Chat...

I'll spend hours creeping celebs, bloggers, and second cousins of classmate's to find out more about them. It almost bugs me how people don't share more about themselves sometimes. I guess I'm just a curious person and I wonder what the person behind the screen is really like.

So I've noticed recently that there have been more of you visiting my little corner of the internet and I'm stoked about that. However, I'd like for you to know more about me so we can favorite each other's tweets and comment "omg girl same" on each other's pictures. You know what I mean?

So here we go - some facts about me....

-In middle school, I used to rewrite Taylor Swift songs (circa "Teardrops on my Guitar" and "Picture To Burn") by making the lyrics more applicable to my 7th grade life. I kept them all in a notebook with a collage on the front of all the hot celebs in my Tiger Beat magazine.

-I had a "blog" in 7th grade, but I kept all the posts as drafts so no one would see them. So it was basically a secret online diary. I forgot the password and disabled the email I used for it, so I'm not able to look back on my 7th grade problems.

-I tell a lot of stories from 7th grade.

-I'm a book worm, but I like to reread books instead of find new ones. I read The Time Traveler's Wife every Christmas because in the book, the main character reads Wuthering Heights every Christmas. (And if you've ever attempted to read Wuthering Heights, you know The Time Traveler's Wife is an easier holiday read.)

-I have three sisters. One's old and two are new. But they are all beautiful and smart and cooler than me.

-I'm obsessed with dogs. All dogs are cute. I need to hug all the dogs.

-My last name is hard to pronounce because I'm half Honduran. My dad was born in La Ceiba and moved to the states when he was 15. No I am not fluent in Spanish. I can understand it pretty well and I'm getting better at speaking it.

-I love really sucky movies. Like movies that did horrible in the box office. For some reason they're my favorite, especially if the acting is bad/corny.

-I've watched the Gossip Girl series seven times through. Seven. I even know the names of the episodes by heart. Occasionally, someone will say I look like Blair Waldorf and I cry.

-I was a studio dancer for 13 years and danced competitively for 8 years. I was best at tap, but always sought to improve in jazz. My best accomplishment was runner-up Miss Drill Team Texas - I went home and cried and wore my tiara to bed. I go to Zumba now to fuel my love for dance.

-I'm a candy addict. I try not to buy it for myself, but somehow it just keeps getting in my house.

-I like oldies music and songs from musicals which really sucks for anyone who decides to give me the aux cord.

-My favorite place to eat at is Panera. It's my comfort food.

-I once got in a heated argument because a friend of mine insisted on calling it "Panera Bread". I told her you just say "Panera" and she got offended. Oops.

-Literally, every time I sit down to write a blog post I say I'm going to keep it short. And then you end up scrolling for centuries. I'm sorry, ya'll.

-I'm really bad at taking compliments. I usually just say "stop it" or "shut up" or "no you are!". But I really, really like compliments.

-I'm really stingy. Like it's bad. Like I won't buy a raincoat because I don't want to spend $80 on something that I only wear a quarter of the year.

-I did choir in middle school and high school and had a lot of fun with it. I got to sing the national anthem for the home baseball games and now I never make fun of people who mess it up on national television. (It's harder than it looks!)

-I like sending emails more than texts.

That's all, folks! Tell me something about yourself in the comments!




  1. Omg! I used to rewrite songs to fit my middle school problems too! *high fives for our weird middle school selves* What's your favorite thing to get at Panera? I'm looking for new options because I always order the same: chipotle chicken panini and mac & cheese.
    -Kim :)

    1. Oh my gosh twins! Ok so I love the mediterranean veggie sandwich, tuna salad sandwich, or the cranberry turkey flatbread they have right now is good, too! I usually do a house salad with it because their balsamic vinaigrette is TO DIE FOR, but their tomato soup is also really really good :)

  2. Our parents are both foreigners! My parents are both Nigerian! I always love talking to kids who have parents from other countries just because we can all relate to one another for the most part. For example, when people say your parents have a strong accent, but you understand them JUST fine. OR when you get to eat traditional food - which is the best part in my opinion, LOL.

    - Ruth S. |

    1. My dad says a few words kinda fun like "minivan". Haha :) And yes, traditional food is the best!

  3. First things first, you totally look like Blair! I also never know how to respond to compliments, even though I love getting them!
    xo, Syd

  4. I'm half Puerto Rican and like you I'll not fluent in the language. I'm getting better now that I'm in college and minoring in Spanish. As you get older, you'll get better at accepting compliments. It's very much a gendered trait that has be unlearned. Thanks for sharing! Xx
    ItzaBri |

    1. So true about accepting compliments! I hope you have a great school cool that you're minoring in Spanish!