January 23, 2015

Dorm Room Stress Relief

TGIF on campus!

As fun as college can be, there are a lot of responsibilities included that can fall in the form of strenuous notes, challenging tests, and sometimes a rough combination of the two. Thankfully, some of my reps have given me their tips for stress relief and relaxation to share with ya'll. Whether you're in a dorm on campus or living nearby in an apartment, these lovely ladies have some ideas on how you can unwind any day of the week:

Angela, University of Alabama
"I live in an apartment, so I'm allowed to light candles. Every night when I know it's time to wind down, I light a candle and watch an episode of Cupcake Wars! For those that are in a dorm, try a scented, electric candle. They work great, too!"

Elizabeth, John Brown University
"My favorite way to de-stress after a long week of school is to get on my futon and read a book with my favorite scent, vanilla oakwood, on my candle warmer.

Katie, Stephen F. Austin University 
"One of my favorite stress relief items is the Eucalytus Spearmint Body Wash from Bath & Body Works. It automatically calms me down after a crazy day or before one even starts. Another way I like to relax is by eating a piece of Hersey's dark chocolate. I have to limit myself or I just might eat them all in one sitting!"

Sadie, Blinn College

I like to relax with hot tea. Green tea for energy and hot peppermint to relax."

Caroline, Cy-Fair High School 
My sister and rep, Caroline, unwinds by taking a bubble bath and putting on a DIY face mask. She also tries to meditate for about 15 minutes to clear her head at the end of a long day. Search Google or Pinterest for some face mask recipes or try the red Arizona clay mask from Farmhouse Fresh. Also, try some beginner guided meditations on Youtube.

Marissa, Stephen F. Austin

"School can get really stressful at times, so if I'm in the need to become more relaxed, I'll make a big pot of coffee, get on Netflix, and turn on Friends. I'll use the Pearl Massage Bar from Lush for sore muscles from dance and stress relief."

Anders, Ole Miss
"I love to come home, plug in my candle warmer and close the blinds, then curl up in my bed with either a funny show like Bob's Burgers or Arrested Development, or a book. It also is really relaxing to turn off my overhead light and turn my lamps and string lights on. It makes the room feel not as harsh and way more cozy."

Selena, University of Wisconsin
"For many years whenever I find myself super stressed I usually go workout or play soccer to get a break from everything and unwind. Since I have been in college, by the time the day is over and I want to unwind I typically have already had two workouts and have tons of homework to do, so there is no time for a third. I have found that putting music on full blast and dancing it out either by myself or with my best friend is a quick fix that usually ends up with both of us on the ground laughing."

Kylie, Midwestern University 
My other soccer star rep, Kylie, at Midwestern told me she invested in a cute beanbag chair from Ross. She also likes to use Peppermint oil on sore muscles from soccer practice.

Shae-Lynn, Fanshawe College
"When I get stressed, I like to crack my window open a bit (fresh air is so soothing), throw on some fuzzy socks or slippers, turn on my Sam Smith CD, and paint my nails or read whatever book I'm currently on." (Shae-Lynn is now reading "Diamond in the Rough" and watching Carrie Diaries on Netflix).

Emily, TAMUC

Emily at Texas A&M Commerce likes to "take a long shower listening to upbeat music so that I stay motivated and can get excited about the upcoming events." She likes to listen to Taylor Swift or "Sugar" by Maroon 5. She also recommended the Bath and Body Works stress relief aromatherapy line!

There you have it - dorm room stress relief! And thanks to the Cristina on Campus 2015 reps for helping out. Have a great weekend!



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