January 16, 2015

Easy Hairstyles

When I roll out of bed for an 8:00am class, I really don't want to spend forever on my hair. I'd rather drink 2 cups of coffee and if I'm lucky - make my eyeliner match! However, I know I feel better and am more eager to work when I feel confident and put together. Maybe that's just me, but I'd still like to share some quick and easy hairstyles with ya'll.

1. Straight with a little body

After a shower, I prep my hair with Tresemme heat protectant spray and blow-dry. I straighten pieces here and there that have a mind of their own. Then, I pull my hair (in sections) up and away at the crown of my head and apply dry shampoo at the roots there. I create body this way that lasts all day. It looks like you've spent an hour in the salon chair when you really were up late watching Friends on Netflix. Try it!

2. High pony

Crowd favorite. Here's the kicker: once your ponytail is secure, place two bobby pins in the elastic pointing down towards the nape of your neck. This adds a little bump to the ponytail to give it more volume. The higher the hair, the closer to heaven.

*fun fact I seem to like to cut the top of my head off in selfies* sorry! :)

Now a word from one of my reps on their go-to quick "do":

Kylie at Midwestern University says, "I always go for the high ponytail with a hat, then you don't have to worry about bumps and it takes maybe 3 minutes."



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