January 21, 2015

Fresh Faced

New obsession: Farmhouse Fresh!

I don't think my sister realized what a revolution she would be starting when she gave me a gift set for my birthday. In it I received the green tea milk wash, a clay mask, the three milk moisturizer, and an overnight serum.

I'm addicted. I actually can't wait to run out so I can shop for more! 

Here's a little product review:

 First off, did you know coconut oil is the best all natural solution to getting off your makeup and cleansing your skin? Needless to say, this green tea milk wash (con coconut) is everything: cleanser, make up remover, and it smells amazing.

The three milk moisturizer is a close favorite second. Finally a moisturizer that doesn't just sit on my face - no, it does its job and hydrates my skin to glowing (almost) perfection (because no one's perfect).

Honestly, I'm not entirely sure how this serum works, but it's called "Wine Down", so I think it's safe to say it serves a great purpose.

I really love this face mask because it isn't super messy and you don't get that concrete-face-syndrome when you apply it. Because of it's texture, it exfoliates amazingly (and gently) and leaves your skin so happy and healthy. A little goes a long way, so don't worry, this little bottle will last.

Head over to their website and get a head start on a Mother's Day gift or a back-to-school motivation present for yourself!



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