January 5, 2015

Travel Essentials

This winter break, I went to my family reunion in La Ceiba, Honduras. As always, I had a great time seeing my family and hanging out on the beach with my cousins. I couldn't help but document all the fun we had (especially when it included fun, beach-y outfits)! So here's a look at my travel essentials that I took along:

First things first, you need something to haul your stuff from the plane to the beach/nature hike/family dinner. This year I took along my new Tumi backpack. I love it because it is so compact, yet it seems to hold everything (camera, additional lens, chapstick, the latest issue of Harper's - the necessities). If you'd like a something in a bag, check out Swoozies

A good book is a need. I finished Summer at Tiffany's, Marjorie Hart's memoir from the summer of 1945 where she worked as the first female page at Tiffany's in NYC. I highly recommend it - especially since it seems like memoirs are the new romance novels. 

This Evian mist was a stocking stuffer for me this year, and I was so excited to try it out! I used it after long plane and car rides to make me feel less "blah". You can find one for yourself at Sephora. 

My Fraternity Collection hat is my favorite for the beach, hikes up Pico Bonito, and just lounging around. 

Congrats to me on successfully keeping a pair of good sunglasses for over a year. These Vince Camuto's are so fun. My dad kept borrowing them when his got scratched, and it was hilarious to see him walking around talking to people in some cat-eyes! 



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  1. I LOVE the evian spray! I really don't know how I lived without it for so long :) And Summer at Tiffany's is such a sweet book :) Hope you had a great trip!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass