February 27, 2015

7 Reasons Why You Should Be at Target Right Now

Here's a fun post for Friday... 7 reasons why it's totally acceptable for you to head to Target even though you've already been twice this week...or something like that :)

1. New swimsuits

It's that time of year again. Swimsuit season can be scary - you'll hear the ever popular phrases "I look like Casper" and "my body is def not ready" as you scan the aisles. These suits are worth it though. I already picked out 30 that I want. And hey, it's great motivation to do a few planks.

2. Seasonal-neutral dollar aisle

With Valentines Day over, the $1 section isn't a graveyard of sparkly hearts anymore which is a great way to find some new things that you probably don't need ("But they're $1!"). Pens, magnets, decorative buckets - don't know what you'd use it for? That's ok, you'll probably get it anyway. 

3. Sweaters on sale

The swimsuits and cover ups now dominate most of the clothing section, so the cute sweaters and cardis are needing to be cleared out. I can help with that! At a lower price, you can get some great pieces for less.

4. Spring cleaning

This may just be a coincidence, but I feel like my Target had SO many organizational goodies from trash cans to storage bins in stock. This is great for me as I think of what I'll need for my house next year and maybe what I can do to better my room now.

5. All the Easter candy I gave up for Lent
Make a mental note of what you're hoping the Easter bunny brings and stay strong, baby girl.

6. For some reason...movies (?)
Maybe it's because the Oscars brought to light new movies we should be binge watching. Maybe it's because when Fifty Shades comes out on DVD they are going to need a lot of room for all the copies. Or maybe it's some crazy, beautiful coincidence. I found lots of great movies for $5.

7. The CUTEST stuff for your place next year

I'm moving off campus into a town home with two of my friends next year (What....Cristina "off" Campus?) and we have started looking at how we want to decorate. I went to Target and proceeded to blow up their phones with snapchats of bright and colorful decor. 

And a final reason to be completely Target-obsessed...

Mark your calendars for April 19th! Lilly for Target will be available online and in stores - what a dream come true! 

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I am WAY TOO EXCITED. No joke - text me if you want to go fangirl with me. 

That being said, have an amazing weekend and contact me if you find anything amazing at Target by adding me on Google+ here!



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  1. I am SO glad the new dollar aisle goodies are out! Please tell me they have some adorable mechanical pencils... They haven't in a while & all of my erasers are worn down :( :(

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass