February 2, 2015

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: For Him

It's not too late to shop for him for Valentine's Day! I've been inspired by my own valentine, and put together a few gifts that I've either gotten Cameron over the years or something that he really enjoys to use/wear! I know not all guys are the same, but hopefully this will give you an idea of what you need to wrap up in some pink and red. 

(from left to right)

1. So I lied on this one - Cameron doesn't actually own this phone case, but he recently got an iPhone 6. I think Valentine's Day is a suitable holiday to buy your guy "tech-y" stuff. Shop HEX cases here.

2. I'm not an expert at guy clothes, but I'd have to say guys deserve comfy sweats, too. I prefer Under Armour brand, so I've linked those here.

3. Fraternity Collection bow ties and sunglass straps are so fun! Follow @fratcollection on Instagram and Twitter for giveaways. That's how I won a gift for my guy...you could, too!

4. Buy him a flannel so you can steal it. Shop this Patagonia here.

5. Oops, I lied again. This Google chromecast is actually something Cameron got for me, but I didn't dare leave it out. It's tech-y and may lead to one or two blanket-fort Netflix screenings. 

6. A while back, Cameron found the brand Knockaround. He has a couple different pairs of sunglasses from them, and especially loves how inexpensive they are. Dorm room guy with designer taste, maybe?

7. I. Love. Calvin. Klein. Cologne. I think it was our first or second Valentine's day that I got Cameron Euphoria. Recently, we stopped in the mall to smell the new Euphoria Gold and loved it. (It isn't on Sephora's website, but we found it in Macy's.)

8. James Avery is the bomb where I'm from - rings, charm bracelets, earrings galore! I really do love their men's collection and would highly recommend checking it out for V day. I particularly love this bracelet because it's engraveable. Insert anniversary date, name, or "Taken by Cristina" here. 

9. Ben Howard is everything, and real fans have his album on a CD. I kinda feel like he does a lot of manly love songs, but then again I am also not a singer-songwriter-really-cute-artist-who-I'm-seeing-this-weekend expert. (Heehee)

Have a great week and stay tuned for one more very special gift guide later this week!



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