February 10, 2015

That's What Makes You Beautiful

I was tagged on Instagram to do the "20 beautiful women" challenge. I thought I'd incorporate it through Cristina on Campus and share some lovely ladies I've been introduced to through the blogging network. This way, you can see for yourself all the little bits of inspiration they give me through their blogs and everyday life (click names to visit links!)

Katey McFarland of Chronicles of Frivolity

I have loved reading Chronicles of Frivolity since before I even thought to start my own blog. I look up to Katey in many different ways, and her peppy pops of color on my Instagram feed are my favorite things to see. She also has such a beautiful heart and has such a deep desire to know and love Christ. She just got engaged, so if you're reading this Katey, congrats and I know you'll look amazing (as always) on your big day!

Alexandria Eisenhardt of The College Lifestylist 

I’ve enjoyed watching this girl grow in the blog world. Like me, she is a college girl with a love for the simpler things in life like a great cup of coffee or perfectly organized school supplies. She also is quite the entrepenuer with her website designer. I love how her pictures are always little snippets of what she's doing just then - it makes me feel like we are sitting down together getting some Chipotle and talking about class!

Lauren Vandiver from Vandi Fair

I adore her and her blog. She definitely takes the cake for the most whimsical and fun style in my book. I really love seeing her eye-catching outfits stick out in my feed. She's just a great reminder to me that fashion is fun and a great way to express yourself. Also, I think I'm a bit impartial towards Texas bloggers...heehee. (Another recently engaged blogger...congrats, girl!)

Amanda Gott of A. Nicole Style and @gottigetsfit 

Fitness coach and style guru - I swear this girl does it all and I am so glad she does because I love it! Most of what I've learned in terms of living a fit lifestyle has come from Amanda or sources she's pointed me towards. Such an inspirational young lady and friend. 

Graciela from Miss Graciela

I love this girl's blog! I have only just started reading it, but I already love learning more about her through it. She really pours her heart into what she writes. And thank you for tagging me for the 20 beautiful women!

Rachel Martin from Seashells and Sparkles 

Again, so much love and respect towards other college bloggers. It is definitely not easy all the time, so I love that Rachel recently posted some time management tips up on her blog. She's always thinking of creative ways to brighten the day and share a good duck face. 

I have followed Seersucker Sass since before I even thought of having a blog. I just love how down to earth and "on point" she is! I enjoy hearing about her work life as well as her personal life to really have something to strive for when I go out into the big girl world. She truly gets creative with her posts and strives to deliver exactly what the population of twenty-something-latte-connoisseurs are looking for in terms of fashion, advice, and lifestyle.

Sami Mast from The Classic Brunette

Sami's blog just makes me smile as soon as I pull it up. Her passion for what she writes just radiates out. I think it is so awesome that she includes tips and tidbits on traveling in her posts. I just love getting to see what she dreams up next for her adorable site.

Marissa Lace - Youtube

Shoutout to Marissa for favoriting my tweet about me watching her videos and cracking up laughing while in the gym. Awkward but worth it. I could probably write an 10-page paper on why I love this Youtuber, but I'll keep it short and say that she is hilarious, gorgeous, and inspirational. Watching her "Get Ready With Me's" and vlogs make me smile bigger than if I had a giant heart-shaped pizza.

Meghan Rienks - Youtube

Meghan is one of my favorite Youtubers. I love watching her videos while I'm on the elliptical or sipping tea just like she loves to do. She is so real. I think everyone has a lot of different meanings for that word. I'm not just saying she wouldn't bail on a lunch date with me or forget to give me back my straightener - she delivers such enlightening messages through her channel. And at the same time, she shows you how to have voluminous waves and a perfect complexion. Much love for this girl.

Cambria Joy - Youtube

SO much love for Breelovesbeauty. Another very grounded young lady who shares her passion with the Internet in such a beautiful way. I love doing her bible study videos or watching her cooking tutorials. I've learned so much from a few simple 4 to 22 min videos of hers and I can't help but share with everyone my love and respect for such a light.

Erika Vaughn - @liltinyrika on IG, megaposi.tumblr.com

Erika is bomb. She goes to my church back in my hometown and I don't think she realizes what an impact she has had on me in the past couple months. Erika started a positive blog on Tumblr and also posts positive pictures and messages on her Twitter and Instagram. There will never be a day that I don't like hearing "You're just a little bean sprout, keep on growin!"

Blogilaties Cassey Ho 

If you have not done one of the Blogilaties workouts I've been raving about on my blog lately, then you need to click right here please and thanks! Cassey Ho is just this adorable package of good energy and I love that I can access her fitness and health videos each and every day. I could go on and on about her fitness calendars and Instagram challenges, but I'll just let you readers see for yourself. I love learning from someone who has grown to understand what true beauty is and desires to share that with as many as she can.

Dana Mannarino of Pink Champagne Problems

Dana was one of the first bloggers to notice my little cookie cutter blog when it first started. She started following and then mentioned me on Twitter complimenting my blog and I squealed for about 10 minutes. I admire her and her brand so much; I can't get enough of her cute and casual looks she posts! She's another inspiration for me when I get out into the working world. 

Sadie of Sadie Down South

Well, duh, she's my partner in crime! Sadie is my favorite southern belle and tanning buddy. The best way I could describe her as someone who hasn't had the pleasure to meet her is that she is that person that you can just automatically connect with. I couldn't be more blessed to have her as a friend, and starting our blogs together made the process so fun and special. 

My other favorite beautiful women would be my 3 sisters Maddie, Clara, and Caroline, my mom Susan, and Angmom :)

I hope everyone is having a great week! Thank you to all who are inspirations and lights in my life! 



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  1. Aww, C! Thank you so much for including me in such a sweet post! I am so flattered :) Love you bunches! (PS - I am also obsessed with Katey. Is starting a fan club creepy? Xo )

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass