February 19, 2015

"Growing" Strong

This post has been long in the making.

From the age of 3 to 17 I had to tie my hair back in a ponytail for dance and even twist it up in a slicked back bun for recitals and competitions. Going for a cute bob or a choppy cut was out of the question for quite some time. When I stopped competitive dance at the end of my junior year of high school, it was time for a visit to the hair salon. 
Don't get me wrong, I really did like the way my hair looked after 11 inches came off. But it was only fun for a couple days and then I wanted it all back. I groaned getting out of bed because there was no wearing it natural like I used to. It had to be blow dried and straightened. If an outfit would have looked cute with an up-do, I was out of luck. Beachy waves were a thing of the past. I'll admit, I regretted it. This isn't the case for everyone, some people love having short hair! Honestly, I think it's really cute and fun. If that's your thing - you go, girl. (Or guy....man bun appreciation right here.) 

So if you randomly decided to chop your hair off and are now wanting to grow it out, this is your moment. 

How to grow your hair out: (These steps are very similar to ones found on the internet because that's where I went to when I realized I desperately wanted my hair back and was crying while eating lots of chocolate)

1. Limit yourself to heat only once a week

I would only straighten/curl my hair once a week. On the other days, I would attempt no-heat hairstyles. My favorites were messy buns (with 313296853 bobby pins), twisting the front part back in a french braid, and adding a fun headband or wrap

2. Use that weird horse shampoo

YES it works. And it's very inexpensive. And while you're at Walgreens you can buy yet another nail polish you really don't need. 

3. Put weird things in your hair and be sure to Snapchat your contact list about it

(pssst...add me on SC: cristina_m24

My favorite thing to use was a mixture of olive oil and egg yolk. I would put it on once a week and vine the whole thing. You can also buy a hair mask. I suggest fdla;gj;ajgia 

4. Yeah, you actually should get a trim

Go to the salon, stress that you are trying to grow your hair and need a trim for the dead ends and watch your hairdresser like a hawk so that "dead ends" doesn't turn into "here's your new pixie cut". This is the only time it is socially acceptable for you to be picky and OCD. She'll understand. Hair is very personal.

5. Up your hat game

It is very harmful to repeatedly expose your hair to harsh sun, especially when trying to get it as healthy as possible for growth. I wear a hat when tanning or hanging by the pool to not only protect me skin but my hair as well. A polo hat is a great summer accessory, but I also love a good Fraternity collection cap or a floppy sunhat from Versona. 

6. Become a mermaid

I feel like every other post I mention the benefits of water, but really...drink up! 

7. Get some vitamins

Tweet from one of my favorite Youtubers, Meghan Rienks. Vitamins are totally a food group! I took Biotin supplements when I was growing out my hair. I'm convinced that stuff is magic. 

8. Have patience

It's been a year and a half since I cut my hair. Now, I did keep cutting it once it got to a medium length because I was into that for a while, but it still would have taken me about 9 months to a year to get where I am today. I do want to grow it out a little bit more, but I'm pretty happy with the progress.  I hope this helps! 

Enjoy the awkward selfies of me.. #ss #allsmiles #livelaughlove #hairgrowth #tt #whatamidoing



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