February 23, 2015

How I Survived Winter: Campus Edition

I believe that if I write enough end-of-winter posts, spring will hurry up and get here! The snow day we had was a lot of fun, but now I am (like I've said multiple times) ready for shorts and sandals. I asked my reps what got them through their winters on campus:

"The main things that have gotten me through this winter are my Burts Bees Chapstick, Einstein Bros Hot Mocha coffee, my scarves and fuzzy tall socks." 
Katie, Stephen F. Austin

"This is a parka or 'stadium jacket' in the soccer world. The pockets are lined with fleece and the jacket keeps out wind, rain, and snow."
Kylie, Midwestern State University

(Cristina on Campus tip #62: If you are a frequent customer at Einsteins, consider purchasing a travel coffee mug. With this, you'll just pay a little over a dollar for your coffee fix.) 

"My eos products helped me a ton this winter! I have the pomegranate raspberry lip balm to help with my chapped lips and the cucumber hand lotion to help with my dry hands. I keep both in my backpack and purse at all times!" 
Clarisa, University of Arkansas

"This winter my main 'best friends' have been my Uggs - they never fail to keep my toes toasty - and my Patagonia pullover I got for 30% off." 
Rebecca, University of Arkansas 
(Lewis and Clark has some amazing sales, ya'll)

"Vaseline chapstick - it never dries out my lips - and moisturizer from Mary Kay because my skin gets dry....and lots of fuzzy socks." 
Caroline, Cy Fair High School

"Baby oil gets me through the dry winter months! As weird as that sounds! Put it on right after you shower (I do this at night) for maximum effect! No more itchy skin!" 
Angela, University of Alabama

"The things that have gotten me through this winter are obviously my winter coat, but also a positive mindset that I could handle it. Every time I walk outside and the wind hits my face I try to tell myself I love it! ...When you are planning on being in the cold for a long time put latex gloves on under your gloves as they keep the heat in! Another thing I have learned is that Chapstick and lots of lotion is a necessity..." Selena, University of Wisconsin

"I use my favorite Christmas present, my men's Patagonia. I just throw it on over my clothes and run out the door." Anders, Ole Miss

As for me, I love Aveeno moisturizer for dry skin, my rose salve from Bath and Body Works, and drinking lots of hot tea.

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